We are dedicated to a new model of health care which is focused on achieving optimal health rather than treating disease. We approach health challenges in a systematic manner addressing underlying issues rather than chasing symptoms with medications. We look at the body’s systems rather than just symptoms. We are proactive, focusing on disease prevention rather than reactive.

At Restore Health Center, we are committed to helping you achieve your loftiest health goals through our in-depth laboratory evaluations and cutting-edge therapies- all designed to minimize medications and help your body restore itself. We will not quit until you have achieved your health goals.

As integrative physicians we will avail ourselves of the best that medicine has to offer ranging from traditional medical interventions to innovative modalities such as bio-identical hormone restoration (including sex hormones, thyroid, adrenals and more), targeted nutritional supplementation (including intravenous nutrients), detoxification, oxidative therapies and much more…

But, there’s one catch. Our success depends on YOUR active participation and a willingness to make the necessary changes. In this partnership you are in the driver’s seat while we provide you with the expertise and tools necessary to achieve your health goals.


Restore Health Center

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