IV therapies deliver higher concentrations of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to optimize health and performance. IV therapy can help:

  • Raise energy levels
  • Enhance immune function
  • Manage and improve chronic conditions
  • Promote healthier and younger-looking skin, hair, and nails

Taking oral nutrients may not always mean that they are effectively absorbed into the body, particularly for those with altered gut function from medical procedures such as gallbladder or bypass surgery or from GI inflammation caused by a number of conditions. IV therapies are able to deliver the vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids your body needs directly into the vascular system reaching significantly higher and therapeutic levels of these crucial nutrients.

We are a Functional Medicine clinic with two physicians on staff who have curated IV formulas over the years with a proven track record of improving the health of their clients. Our IVs use therapeutic levels of nutrients not just token amounts. We use single-dose vials when available because they do not need preservatives and we primarily use the active form of many nutrients such as Methyl Cobalamin (B12) NEVER Cyanocobalamin a cheap commercially available form of B12.



At Restore Health Center, we offer a comprehensive menu of IV services that can help treat existing medical conditions such as Neuropathy, Vascular Disease, and Neurodegenerative Conditions. By improving detoxification and restoring anti-oxidant levels our IV therapies can also serve a key role in the prevention of disorders caused by oxidative stress, toxicity, and chronic inflammation. If feeling run down from travel, stress, or a little too much fun our IV therapies can help get you back on your feet.

All of the IV therapies administered at Restore Health Center can be specifically tailored to each individual patient after a thorough history, physical, and laboratory examination. Here are some of the IV therapies available:



• Immune Booster – This formula contains vitamin C along with selenium, calcium, magnesium, vitamin B6 & glycyrrizzic acid. It is formulated to support immune system & to help fight off illness during times of stress or when feeling run down.  $249

• Vitamin C (50, 75, 100 grams) – High dose vitamin C can be used to help the body fight bacterial & viral infections. When used in the treatment of chronic diseases & cancer vitamin C plays a dual role. It strengthens & protects healthy cells as a powerful anti-oxidant while it can stress & damage unhealthy cells thereby triggering their destruction. $210  /  $245  /  $275

• UBI / Ozone – This powerful & synergistic combination of bio-photonic therapy & ozone, can damage viruses & bacteria, thus triggering an immune response that signals the body to focus on clearing these pathogens. The combination of UBI & ozone also helps regulate & balance our immune system, which is helpful in the treatment of autoimmune dis- orders such as Rheumatoid arthritis. When targeting autoimmune conditions UBI / Ozone therapies are performed once to twice a week for a series of ten or more treatments. $175

• High dose UBI / Ozone – A stronger & more intense version of our bio-photonic therapy & ozone combination. The increased amount of blood treated can decrease the number of treatments needed to reach therapeutic goals.
This therapy would also be our treatment of choice for autoimmune flare ups or acute infections. $255

• 10 Pass Ozone – Ten-pass ozone is our most intense version of ozone treatments where up to 200 mls of blood are treated with ozone at hyperbaric pressures & then are infused back into the body for a total of up to ten passes. This treatm- ent is intended to treat chronic infections & severe auto-
immune disorders including acute flare ups. The treatment takes approximately two hours & you must be an established patient at our clinic to receive this treatment. $900



• Mac Attack – This protocol is a tried & true series of IVs taught by the American Academy for the Advancement of Medicine that is designed to treat macular degeneration & support a healthy retina. $219

• ALA – Our Alpha Lipoic Acid protocol is a wonderful modality to treat chronic liver disease, neuropathy & the effects of diabetes. We also recommend an oral protocol to be taken in between IV infusions. $179

• Gut Repair – This formula is designed to support gastrointestinal integrity by incorporation key ingredients needed for repair including essential amminoacids. Other applications for this formula include athletic recovery, tinnitus & supporting overall recovery & repair such as after a surgical procedure or injury. $259

• No Pain All Gain (Pain & inflammation) – A designed IV to help you recover from intense exercise & physical exertion. It incorporates all the key minerals & cofactors necessary for muscle recovery along with MSM for ligament & cartilage support, Taurine for relaxation & vitamin C for immune support. $249



• Restore NAD Protocols – Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) is a key coenzyme needed by our mitochondria to produce ATP or energy. NAD is recycled by our body, but levels often deplete with age or unhealthy lifestyles resulting in a decreased ability to produce the energy necessary for optimal function, healing & repair. We start with smaller amounts of NAD added to Normal Saline that is infused slowly based on tolerance. The amount of NAD is typically increased with each subsequent IV. Follow up infusions can be added to several of our signature IVs in order to benefit from synergistic mechanisms of action. NAD is a wonderful anti-aging treatment, & can have a tremendous impact on fatigue. It is also a powerful tool to treat mood disorders & addiction by helping restore neurotransmitter levels & re-balancing brain chemistry. Starting at $199

• Rev Things Up (Endocrine support) – This infusion contains the minerals & cofactors needed to support optimal thyroid & hormone balance thereby improving energy, metab- olism & hormonal wellbeing. This IV is useful in the treatment of thyroid disorders, PCOS, PMS & perimenopause. $229

• Energy Elixir – This IV includes all the key cofactors needed to support cellular energy production at therapeutic dosages including methylated B-vitamins, complete trace minerals, Calcium, Magnesium & vitamin C for immune support. $249



• Think Big (Brain & nerve health) – Many neurologic & nerve disorders are related to damaged cell membranes in neurons & the incorporation of unhealthy fats & toxins into these crucial cell membranes. This IV provides Phosphatidyl Choline (PC), which is an integral component of neurological cell membranes, followed by Glutathione to help detoxify any toxins washed off the cell membrane by the incorporation of the PC. We use this IV for the treatment of neuropathies, MS, Parkinson’s & all forms of cognitive decline. $199

• Think Bigger (Brain & nerve health) – This IV is similar to “THINK BIG” but in a larger scale. It provides a larger amount of Phosphatidyl Choline (PC), followed by a bigger dose of Glutathione to help detoxify. We recommend starting with our “THINK BIG” IV & move up to our “THINK BIGGER” version based on tolerance. $249

• NAD IVs (Increasing in amounts from 200 to 2000mg) – Because NAD is so important for healthy mitochondria & our brains are laden with mitochondria. It makes sense to support NAD levels as part of any attempt to restore & optimize neurological function. (See further description about our NAD IVs in the energy section above.)
Starting at $199



• Anti-nausea (NS + Zofran) – This IV provides hydration with Zofran to treat nausea. $109

High Altitude (NS + Zofran + Toradol) – This IV provides hydration, Zofran to treat nausea & Toradol to treat pain & inflammation. It is a great hangover or migraine treatment. $149

• Pure Hydration (1L of NS) – This IV provides hydration for when oral rehydration is not enough to catch up. $99



• Our classic Myers push – A full strength version of the tried & true nutritional boost delivered via slow IV push for an expedited delivery. Our Myers push is a great overall health tonic delivering therapeutic dosages of essential vitamins & minerals. $99

• Restore House IV (Our improved version of Myers) – We have taken all the benefits of the classic Myers & added Procaine for additional neurotransmitter support & included a vitamin C for additional immune support. We deliver it as an IV drip & follow it with Glutathione to further support detoxification. Our Restore House IV is a step above our Myers push & offers overall nutritional support when you are run down or stressed. $179

• Restore Signature IV (Best IV ever) – Our ultimate blend of key nutrients designed to support adrenals (With the use of Glycyrrhizic acid), neurotransmitter balance (with the use of Procaine) & improved energy (via our customized blend of essential vitamin & mineral cofactors). For the ultimate therapeutic impact you may incorporate varying amounts of NAD into our signature IV. $269

• The Arnold – The Arnold is our signature recovery IV designed to help you bounce back & be ready for a night on the town after spending an afternoon on the golf course (or other sports). This IV includes ingredients to help mitigate the effects of sun. It includes Amino Acids for muscle recovery, Trace minerals & key nutrients along with Sodium Bicarbonate (to counteract lactic acid) & Taurine (for relaxa- tion). The infusion is followed by a Glutathione push to help with detoxification. $249



• Glutathione Drip – Glutathione is a powerful anti-oxidant & detoxification agent that plays a role in
supporting liver function & detoxification pathways in our body. Glutathione is our treatment of choice for heavy metals such as mercury, mold related bio-toxins & organic compounds such as pesticides. This IV is a great choice to help our body detoxify pollutants after periods of increased exposure such as travel or during times of weight loss when our body is releasing toxins that have been stored in fat. $125

• Glutathione Push – Similar to the Glutathione
Drip (above), but a more rapid IV infusion is expected to reach higher concentrations in the nervous system & is our treatment of choice in neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s or MS. $99

• EDTA Chelation (1.5 hours) – EDTA chelation is the gold standard for treating lead toxicity, but also binds & detoxifies other heavy metals. In addition EDTA chelation has been shown to decrease vascular inflammation & aid in the treatment of cardiovascular & peripheral vascular disease. $189

• EDTA Chelation (3 hours) – This is a higher EDTA chelation dosage infusion which takes 3 hours, but can help us reach therapeutic goals with fewer infusions. $300



• Glutathione IV – Push after another IV to further support detoxification. $75

• IV HCL (1:500 dilution) – A slow IV push to be administered after a Vitamin C IV. The Hydrochloric acid breaks down bio-films & helps the vitamin C better reach areas that have been walled off by pathogens. $50

• NAD – 200 mg added to another IV in order to further support ATP or energy. $50 per 200mg



Methyl B12 (For increased energy) $20
• Vitamin D3 (For immune system & mood)
• MIC (For enhanced fat metabolism & clearance) $25

Please note: IV prices will vary based on cost & availability of ingredients

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