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Have you noticed unwelcome changes to your feminine wellness? Are you frustrated with the impact the natural aging process or other lifestyle factors have made on your feminine health? While you may feel embarrassed about these changes, you are not alone in your experiences. Changes to your feminine health, such as a loss of vaginal laxity, is very common for women, especially as they age, and there are treatment options available. Geneveve is a safe and effective treatment method for vaginal rejuvenation. Learn more during a consultation with Restore Health Center in Loveland, CO.

Geneveveā„¢ by ViveveĀ® is an FDA-approved treatment method for vaginal rejuvenation. This non-surgical, minimally invasive treatment method uses gentle heat to the vaginal tissues to stimulate collagen production. This unique treatment method uses cryogen-cooled monopolar radiofrequency, which combines controlled heating and cooling technology.

Women often experience vaginal laxity, particularly as they age or following vaginal childbirths. Common frustrating side effects include:

  • Decreased confidence
  • Loss of sexual satisfaction or sensation
  • Urinary incontinence

Vaginal laxity can have a frustrating impact on your overall health and lifestyle, but treatment options like Geneveve can help. A consultation with our team in Loveland can help you understand the changes happening as well as how you can improve them.

Geneveve is a non-surgical, minimally invasive treatment option. During an outpatient procedure, a member of our team will use a small tool to gently heat the tissue around the vaginal opening. The tip of the tool delivers the gentle, controlled heat, and the tip is comparable to the size of your thumb!

Treatment is comfortable, and there is no anesthetic required. For your comfort, the gentle heat that is delivered to the treatment area is completely controlled with cooling technology available. Temperatures are also evenly distributed, helping create even results.

A Geneveve treatment session typically lasts for about half an hour. As this is an outpatient procedure, there is no set downtime with a procedure. You should be able to return right back to your busy life in Colorado!

Experiencing changes with vaginal laxity is common for women, especially as they age. However, Geneveve is an effective vaginal rejuvenation treatment method. It is safe for most women, and it is an excellent choice for women who are interested in non-surgical, minimally invasive treatments. A consultation with our team in Loveland is the best way to ensure this is the best treatment option for you and your goals.

While results will vary for each person, most women begin to experience results 30 days after treatment. However, results gradually improve as collagen structures improve. Better results are experienced around 90 days after treatment, and results are often the best 12 months after a treatment session.


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