Restore Health Center | Weight Loss

There are many underlying causes of weight problems that must be addressed, otherwise any weight loss will only be temporary. Unfortunately, most popular diets or weigh loss programs never take the time to ‘dig deeper’.

Our team of medical professionals specializes in a more holistic approach to weight loss by looking at disorders and dysfunctions of the body’s systems, which often lead to weight problems. Restoring the body to its optimal function is a crucial piece of the weight loss puzzle.

We believe, healthy and lasting weight loss requires the intervention of a knowledgeable physician who specializes in non-surgical weight loss. However, the complexity of each patient’s medical needs is unique. That is why our weight loss program consists of two steps:

This first step towards health and well-being entails the following:

  • COMPREHENSIVE LAB TESTING: We only utilize the most comprehensive lab tests available for the early detection of heart attack, stroke, insulin resistance, endocrine disorders, malnutrition, and diabetes currently available.
  • Patients with insurance coverage: Dr. Howton will choose the lab tests appropriate for your health concerns. Each lab company will bill your insurance provider directly and you may only be responsible for a small co-pay.
Patients without insurance coverage or high deductibles: We will choose the lab tests that best analyze your health issues and are also most cost effective. Due to the volume of tests we are performing, we have negotiated with some of our lab providers a discount up to 80%. which we are happy to pass on to you.
    • This visit includes lab interpretation and treatment plan for underlying health issues
  • CUSTOMIZED DIET AND LIFESTYLE PLAN based on your specific genotype and health issues.
  • For many of our patients this first step improves and even resolves their weight issues and Step II is not necessary. Others may require a ‘resetting’ of the hypothalamus, our body’s chief regulator of, among many other things, our body weight. Compare it to rebooting your computer when it acts up. We believe, this ‘resetting’ of the hypothalamus, combined with the improvement of underlying health issues and a healthy lifestyle, is the answer to optimal health and weight loss that is truly permanent.

Our low calorie diet plan is customized to each patient’s metabolic type, genetic predispositions, lifestyle and nutritional needs.We do not follow Dr. Simeon’s original 500 calorie protocol as we believe it to be outdated and simply not adequate for today’s stressful, busy lifestyles.

This phase is vitally important as it locks in weight loss success by resetting the endocrine system. The customized nutrition plan, based on your specific genotype, eliminates cravings and increases metabolism – thus, preventing the rapid weight rebound that often occurs with other weight loss programs.

We want your weight loss success to be long lasting and not just short lived. We will teach you how to never again let weight gain get out of hand and how to quickly lose those few extra pounds you may have gained.

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