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Regenerative Medicine


Regenerative medicine focuses on signaling the body to heal and regenerate itself, utilizing a wide array of therapies ranging from stem cell therapy to bio-identical hormones and individualized nutrition. These therapies are most effective when combined in a strategic fashion by a team utilizing Functional Medicine principles.  

Adult Stem Cell Therapy

Adult stem cells are the foundation for every organ, tissue, and cell in the human body. The adult stem cell’s job is to regenerate and repair tissue. Every time your body heals itself from a cut or injury, you are experiencing the healing power of adult stem cells working inside you. By harnessing this self-healing power of your adult stem cells, we are able to offer exciting new therapies for degenerative conditions commonly associated with aging, as well as a number of autoimmune disorders.


Where Do Adult Stem Cells Come From? 

We can collect Adult Stem Cells from blood, bone marrow, and adipose tissue (fat). We are currently focusing on fat because it happens to contain the largest reservoir of multi-potent mesenchymal stem cells in the body. Fat is easy to collect in a minimally invasive manner and most of us have some excess pocket of fat that we are willing to part with.


How Do We Harvest Adult Stem Cells From Fat?

We utilize a gentle liposuction technique that allows us to target deposits of excess fat utilizing local tumescent anesthesia. The fat is then processed and the Adult Stem Cells are extracted and counted. Total procedure time takes about three hours.


What Conditions Are We Treating With Adult Stem Cells?

We treat orthopedic conditions including joint degeneration due to arthritis or ligament tears, autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, and hair loss.


How Are the Adult Stem Cells Returned to the Body?

When possible, we inject stem cells directly into the area needing repair such as a knee with arthritis. We also infuse the stem cells intravenously allowing them to travel throughout the body to the areas needing repair. This is how we treat systemic autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis.


Do You Combine Adult Stem Cells With Other Treatments?

Yes, we find that combination treatments work better. For example, our treatment protocols for knee arthritis will include the injections of Adult Stem Cells, photo-activated Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), and micronized autologous fat into the joint. The fat serves as a matrix for the building of new cartilage, while the PRP further signals the body to heal and repair itself.


Do You Do Anything to Prepare the Body for an Adult Stem Cell Treatment?

Yes, we prefer that clients work with one of our Functional Medicine physicians prior to a Stem Cell treatment. If nutritional deficiencies are identified and corrected, hormones are optimized, and root causes of inflammation are addressed, the individual is better positioned to respond to any type of Regenerative Medicine treatment.


Do I Have to Work With a Restore Health Physician If I Am Already Seeing Another Functional Medicine Provider?

No, we are honored to work alongside other providers. We do ask that you see the physician who will perform your procedure prior to any Adult Stem Cell treatment in order to answer any questions that you might have and to ensure that you are an appropriate candidate. The cost of this 30 minute consultation is credited towards the Stem Cell treatment.


How Much Do You Charge for an Adult Stem Cell Treatment

We believe in keeping these treatments available to everyone. Typical cost for a joint treatment (such as a knee or shoulder) combined with an IV infusion is $5,500. Additional combination treatments such as multiple joint injections, fat transfers or more extensive liposuction would incur additional costs.


What About Umbilical Cord Derived Stem Cells

The rationale for using umbilical cord cells is that these stem cells are younger and therefore expected to be more active than the stem cells of an elderly individual. While we can order and inject umbilical cord stem cells as part of our treatments, we find that we are getting the desired improvements with autologous adipose derived cells. In general, most of our clients prefer to use their own cells. If you are elderly and concerned that your own stem cells are not “good enough” discuss the option of combination treatments with our physicians.


What is a Stem-Sculpt Procedure?

At Restore Health, we coined the term Stem-Sculpt to describe the combination of two modalities: 1. Harvesting Adult Stem Cells from autologous fat in order to be used for Regenerative Medicine purposes. 2. Withdrawing additional fat during the liposuction portion of the procedure for the purpose of body contouring and improving aesthetic appearance. In addition, this fat can then be micronized and re-injected as a natural filler to treat areas of volume loss.


Are These Treatments FDA Approved? Are They Covered by Insurance?

Adult Stem Cell therapies are not FDA approved and they are not yet covered by traditional health insurance plans.

Restore Health Center is affiliated with Regeneris Medicala network of clinics actively working with the FDA to gather data and develop protocols for Adult Stem Cell treatments. We participate in IRB registered studies and enter outcome data into a national registry. In return, as a member of Regeneris we are able to benefit from the knowledge compiled by a national network of clinics and researchers in the field of Regenerative Medicine ensuring that our patients are benefiting from the latest and most efficacious protocols.

Please call our office and schedule a consultation with Dr Howton to find out if Adult Stem Cell Therapy is right for you.


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