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What lies In Your Gut, Integrative Medicine Loveland

We all have harmless bacteria that lives within our gut. In fact we have 100,000 billion of them roa...

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14 Things to do if You Feel Tired and Sore After Working Out

© 2013 Health Realizations, Inc. You’ve pushed yourself to the limit — jogging, lifting,...

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Aging Gracefully: Enjoy a Vital, Fulfilling Life Regardless of Age

© 2013 Health Realizations, Inc. A quick web search on the term “graceful aging” brings ...

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Anti Aging Clinic in Loveland here

There are other options out there. It’s just none are better than us. We’re Restore Heal...

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What Men Versus Women Dream About When They Dream About Sex

© 2013 Health Realizations, Inc. A healthy sex life is undeniably an important part of a healthy lif...

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Married Men (and Women) Really are Healthier and Respond Better to Certain Treatments

© 2013 Health Realizations, Inc. Although single men may tout the joys of living the carefree ...

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Interval Training: Why it May be the Best Workout for You, Too

© 2013 Health Realizations, Inc. It’s been used almost exclusively by elite athletes for decad...

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We are the best Anti Aging Clinic in Loveland

Looking for a Anti Aging Clinic in Loveland? Well, look no further than us. We’re Restore Heal...

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How and Why You Need to Focus on Building Your Core … and Good Posture Plus Six Top Core-Building Exercises

© 2013 Health Realizations, Inc.   Your body has 29 core muscles, located mostly in your back, ...

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